How we transformed a digital media spend into a publicity stunt witnessed around the world

understanding the brand

Marketing objective
Reintroduce “feed your wild side.” messaging to target audience.
brand tone
Playful, spontaneous, clever, popular, fun-loving.
18-34 year old men. sports fans. adventurous. witty. funny.

know your audience

2nd largest male lifestyle

2nd largest male lifestyle

connecting the brand & audience

We created a unique integrated marketing program that connected the Jack Link’s brand with Break Media’s massive audience by producing an engaging 5-part branded entertainment series that would resonate with men on Break, Made Man, & across the web.

We created a unique integrated marketing program

identifying key tablent


Talent should embody brand tone and target characteristics with a large enough star to create a disruptive campaign. Brian’s enthusiasm was clear from the start so having talent who was vested in the project was essential.

Brian Wilson

creating a partnership

Uncaged was a collaboration between Brian Wilson, Jack links and Break Media. To kick things off with a bang Brian Wilson let his millions of twitter followers know that his “ol’ pal” Sasquatch lent him a ligament for surgery effectively forming an immediate connection between Sasquatch and Brian.

A true partnership

Creating a series

With Brian Wilson’s creative input, we developed “Uncaged with Sasquatch,” a cable access style talk show where Sasquatch interviews his old friend Brian.

Crashing the ESPYs

To create major offline and online buzz for the Uncaged series, we worked with the producers behind the star-studded ESPY awards to coordinate a red carpet stunt with Sasquatch and Brian Wilson.

We captured Brian on tape getting ready for the ESPYs with his plus one: Sasquatch. This viral stunt was coordinated so no one saw the pair together before arriving on the red carpet, where the duo took the awaiting media by storm!

The live ESPYs stunt led to well over 33 broadcast mentions across major media outlets including the likes of ESPN, Fox Sports, and several other national and local sports shows.  Over 1 billion media impressions were earned within two weeks of the ESPYs.  Brian Wilson and Sasquatch were featured in every sports center highlight package around The ESPYs, and were featured on the homepages of ESPN.com, FoxSports.com, BleacherReport.com, Yahoo!, and more.

Embracing social media

The twitter #asksquatch was activated to drive awareness and conversation among Uncaged viewers. Brian Wilson engaged directly with our audience, encouraging #asksquatch submissions and answering their questions via tweets.

Brian Wilson engaged directly with our audience

the results

The 5 episode web series of Uncaged with Sasquatch was officially released on July 23rd as planned approx. 10 days after the live-event stunt and the series has generated over 3 million views across MadeMan.com, Break.com and through syndication partners such as Yahoo!’s video platform Yahoo! Screen.

A great example of a new model where the lines blur or even disappear altogether between creative production, paid media, earned media and social media.  The idea and the execution grew organically from relationships that existed and were allowed to bend, twist and adapt to opportunities and ideas as they emerged.  It was an all-too-rare instance where ALL parties involved saw the potential and leaned into the idea rather than holding back for their individual gain.. JEFF LEFEVER, DIRECTOR OF MARKETING,JACK LINKS BEEF JERKY
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