Announcing the Game Front Walkthrough App

Game Front, Break Media’s property for all things gaming, brings you Game Front Walkthroughs, a one-of-a-kind library of video walkthroughs that help people beat games.

Thousands of Walkthroughs

We’ve covered 70+ games released in the last 18 months and offer over 3,000 video walkthroughs. Daily updates created in-house by our team of experts provide fresh, premium walkthroughs to keep gaming skills sharp.

Customized Experience

Because no two gamers have the same taste, the Game Front app was built with personalization in mind. Users are prompted upon loading the app to select their favorite games and their feed will immediately reflect videos relevant to their titles. If they master a particular game and move onto the next they can change their settings and quickly bring in entirely new videos. Customization can also be done by console, publisher, or genre.

 Multi-Screen Capabilities

Additionally, users enjoy a multi-screen experience with access to the app on their phone while playing on console or PC. Gamers can avoid the back and forth of computer to TV or between windows on a PC in order to master the stickier parts of their favorite games.

User Experience

The early consensus is in and users are ecstatic about the app. In the first week of release over 50+ ratings have averaged five stars. Gamers can expect quality walkthroughs through the busy 2012 gaming season for titles such as Assassin’s Creed 3, Black Ops 2 and Halo 4. The app is open to standard ad units and free to download. Check out this first-of-its-kind app here.